An Update from the SS&A – Thursday 26 March, 2020

Message from the CEO 

Like many hospitality businesses, the SS&A has followed the appropriate public health action in line with national guidelines and has been closed to members and guests since noon on Monday 23 March.

SS&A Chief Executive Officer Gerard Darmody says the forced closure has also resulted in significant job losses.

“Having to stand down a number of our staff has been a challenging time for all involved. Sadly, for our casual staff, more than 50 people, they have had their hours dry up immediately,” Mr Darmody said.

“We’ve been able to direct them toward government agencies and other local or larger businesses looking to employ as their demands increase.

“One of the most difficult impacts is on our full-time and part time staff, more than 50 employees who, through no fault of their own, have had to be stood down.  We’ve been able to provide them with three weeks’ pay and access to annual leave, so hopefully that helps them through a period.

“It’s a very difficult and challenging time, but I must say I’ve been extremely proud of our staff and the way they’ve handled themselves, particularly over the weekend and into Monday.

“For now, our business is in a hibernation phase, but we’re very keen to move forward when we can. We’ve started planning already for what the future looks like when we eventually open the doors and go back to some normality. The challenge is not knowing when that will be, but we certainly have a positive mindset that we can bounce back, and move forward when we are able to.

“To our staff, suppliers and the community more broadly, we really appreciate what everyone is doing to try and navigate their way through this challenging time. To our members in particular, especially those loyal members who visit our venue on a regular basis, you are in our thoughts. Keep safe and well, and we looking forward to seeing you when this crisis passes.”


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Corona Virus Update

23.3.20 update (Shut down)

As most of you will be aware, the Prime Minister last night
announced that places of non-essential gatherings are to be shut down. This included Pubs and Clubs. In line with this THE SS&A CLUB WILL CLOSE FROM NOON TODAY until such time as the restrictions are lifted. As you can appreciate this is very new information coming from last night and we’ll have a more detailed communication for members and staff once more information made available

19.3.20 update
After the Prime Ministers announcement on the 18th March 2020, ClubsNSW and the NSW State Government have passed new regulations concerning the COVID-19. Many of these new restrictions pertain to ‘social distancing’ and efforts to help people adhere to the suggested 1.5m rule. The Club will also be enforcing the 100- person restriction that will apply separately to each enclosed area within the Club premises. Other changes the SS&A are making during this time involve postponements to some regular activities, events and facilities within the Club. The Club will review these changes as regulations lift, however these actions will be enacted immediately and until such time.

• The Thursday Meat Raffles have been postponed from tonight 19th March
• Members Free Raffle has been postponed from the 19th March
• Easter Raffles for April Cancelled
• Bingo has been postponed from the 19th March
• The Studio Live and Free and ticketed entertainment has postponed from the 19th March
• Member’s 5k Draw listed for the 28th March has been cancelled
• Landslide raffle listed for April is cancelled
• The Gymnasium and Squash Courts are closed as of 19th March
• Poker has been postponed from the 19th March
• Kids Play room in Social Dining is closed
• Birthday Draws listed for the 22nd March postponed
• Prize or surprise listed for the 22nd March cancelled

While we have had to scale down our activities during this period, Social Bar and Dining, Zhuzi, The Locker Room and Aurum Lounge remain open.
We have undertaken the following changes to create a safe environment for patrons that is in line with the instructions from NSW and Federal Governments. These measures are in addition to the ones already undertaken by the SS&A in regard to modified operations, increased hygiene practises and signage for staff, members and guests (Communication sent out 17th March)

• Every second gaming machine will be turned off to help create a 1.5m social distancing gap
• Increased signage to create awareness of the advised 1.5m social distancing
• A reduced capacity to rooms that would fit 100 people but without with a comfortable social distance of 1.5m
• Chairs and tables will be arranged in the Dining area and Bars to aid in social distancing
• Events and operations that are likely to create unsafe distancing have been removed or shut down

We thank all Members and Guests for their cooperation and understanding during this unprecedented time.
As we have described in our previous communication the SS&A is taking the COVID–19 corona virus seriously, and as a result have implemented measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our Staff, Members, Guests and Visitors. Our primary concern will be to protect people, ensure our obligations under the WHS Act 2011 and maintain our Duty of Care to our Staff, and to persons on, or seeking to visit our premises.
For further updates please visit the SS&A website our Facebook page and email updates to members. If you would like to be in communication with the SS&A please email

17.3.20 update

An important update for Members, Guests and Visitors of the SS&A.

As a community based organisation with close to 24,000 Members we are taking advice on COVID–19 corona virus seriously, and as a result have implemented the following measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our Staff, Members, Guests and Visitors. Our primary concern will be to protect people, ensure our obligations under the WHS Act 2011 and maintain our Duty of Care to our Staff, and to persons on, or seeking to visit our premises.

Most importantly, we would encourage all persons who are experiencing flu like symptoms to follow the advice of NSW Health. For more information on COVID-19 visit

We encourage all Staff, Members, Guests and Visitors to practice good hygiene at all times.

The SS&A has increased signage within the venue to inform Staff, Members, Guests and Visitors of good hygiene. Additional facilities have also been added to assist in these practices and SS&A will continue to monitor the advice of ClubsNSW and implement advice accordingly.

Events, Entertainment and Functions
The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve rapidly. Following advice from the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) on 13 March 2020 it is recommended that non-essential, organised gatherings be limited to fewer than 500 people.

While all Australians are encouraged to exercise personal responsibility for social distancing, there are no current restrictions recommended on attending other settings, such as shopping centres, or using public transport.

For non-essential organised gatherings with fewer than 500 attendees, NSW Health recommends that organisers:
• Remind attendees and staff not to attend if they are feeling unwell
• Remind attendees and staff that they must not attend if they have travelled overseas in the past 14 days
• Ensure emergency management practices are up to date
• Brief staff on how to practice good hygiene and making it easy for staff and attendees to practice good hygiene
• Have adequate hand washing facilities available

Should the advice from AHPPC change, SS&A will update its policy accordingly.

We encourage attendees of organised functions and events at the SS&A to liaise directly with those organisers, rather than the SS&A.

Social Dining and Bar and Zhuzi restaurants are taking our responsibility seriously and have implemented a number of temporary measures at which include;
• Removal of cutlery from all tables. Cutlery will be issued with your meals.
• Increased sanitation of all work and public spaces.
• Additional staff training.
• Increased use of gloves, for food deliveries, handling and preparations

Gaming Floor
Staff are conducting increased sanitation of gaming machines where possible.
Staff, Members, Visitors and Guests are expected to follow exceptional standards of hygiene practices.

We asked for your complete cooperation and understanding as we continue our commitment to offering a quality based community hub for all people of our community to enjoy.

If you have any questions please seek to liaise with SS&A

Further updates may apply.