Bogart’s Call

Bogart's Call

Friday November 9th - Live Entertainment From 9:00 pm
Cost: Free

For many years now, suggestion of a comeback of Lavi Sports Club resident band “Syndicate” was
talked about, but never realised. The four remaining members of the final line-up (Daryl Barker, Angus Felton, John Gratton & Paul
Gibbs) have decided the time is now.

Along with founding members of another great Albury band “No Exit” (Greg Harrison & Gary Palframan) and local Bass player Tony Boon (“Earth Movers”, “Jumbo Jam”, “House Wreckers”), the group will be playing some of their favourite songs from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s era’s.

The premier public performance will be at the SS&A Club in Albury on Saturday the 9th of May, so we encourage anyone who has memories of these two great bands to come and relive some of the good ol’ days with “Bogarts Call.”

The Lineup consists of:
Greg Harrison – Lead Vocals
John Gratton – Vocals, Guitar
Gary Palframan – Vocals, Guitar
Daryl Barker – Vocals, Guitar
Tony Boon – Bass Guitar
Angus Felton – Drums & Percussion
Paul Gibbs – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard