Chocolate Starfish does INXS

Chocolate Starfish does INXS

Saturday July 7th - Live Entertainment From 9:00 pm
Cost: Free

Hot off the heels of a stunningly successful run of Meat Loaf’s ‘Bat Out of Hell’ performances, Chocolate Starfish shows no signs of slowing down. The band recently announced the next cab off the rank of its Classic Albums Series: ‘KICK’ by INXS, and quickly sold out the inaugural show at The Palms at Crown, spurring a multi-state tour and a flurry of demand.

With their powerhouse performances and magnetic stage presence, the ‘Fish are a perfect fit to bring this much-loved album to the stage. As with ‘Bat Out of Hell’, the band will perform KICK from start to finish – just like an album is meant to be experienced.

Audiences can expect what they know and love about a Chocolate Starfish show – pure, unadulterated entertainment, with performances imbued with intensity and revelry…and, as always, a few surprises.

Why KICK? “It seemed a natural choice after ‘Bat Out of Hell’,” says charismatic frontman Adam Thompson. “We wanted to showcase an Australian album that had – and still has – a massive impact, and KICK ticks all those boxes. It’s an exciting honour to bring this to life in our own way.”

Chocolate Starfish powered on to the Australian music scene in the early 1990s and quickly secured themselves a space as an influential force with their cover of Carly Simon’s ‘You’re So Vain’, original hit ‘Mountain’ and perennial favourite ‘Four Letter Word’. They wholeheartedly earned their reputation as one of Australia’s best live bands of the 90s, boasting two Top 10 albums and six Top 50 singles.

It’s been a huge twelve months for Chocolate Starfish. The band released SPIDER, their first album in 20 years, taking that on the road after completing the 2018 Red Hot Summer Tour. Fans will catch them on Rock the Boat and on next year’s Red Hot Summer Tour.

Slow down? Not in the near future, it seems.