Tim Freedman with Special Guests Bogart’s Call

Tim Freedman with Special Guests Bogart’s Call

Saturday March 28th - Live Entertainment From 9:00 pm
Cost: Free

In the two decades of Tim Freedman’s distinguished musical career, two naming concepts have arrived in his brain, fully formed and ready to fire.

They were names which will not be extinguished, no matter how savage the passage of time.

The first was back in 1991, when he was lying awake in the middle of the night; “‘The Whitlams’ just lobbed into my head and I knew I had the band name that would work for us.”

The other time more recently was walking down the street to get a newspaper, smelling the roses, so to speak; “The name ‘Australian Idle’ just came to me. It was the perfect description of what I’d been doing.

“And with making the record for Sony Music, the label which works with the TV series, it kept getting better every second. The joke is of course that I thought they only did ‘Idle’, and I’m a real company boy”.

Tim is moving on from a productive ten year stretch with Warner Music in which he made four of the seven Whitlams albums (‘Love This City’, ‘Torch the Moon’, ‘Little Cloud’ and the obligatory anthology, ‘Truth, Beauty and a Picture of You’) to a new relationship with Sony Music. The first effort is his debut solo album, which is underpinned with playful and loving nods to the pop framework of the ’70s.

“Aside from some orchestral gigs performing the ‘Eternal Nightcap’ album (voted No 17 all-time Australian album on JJJ recently), Tim Freedman has been maintaining what some might call a low profile, standing back from the front line, for reasons which will be outlined within.