SSAStar Rewards is a loyalty program designed to benefit all members.

Whether you like to Eat Drink or Play, simply swipe your card when making any purchase and you will instantly be rewarded with loyalty points.

Points can be earned on all food and beverage transactions, as well as by playing our gaming machines. Points can then be redeemed in the same areas.

SSAStar Rewards is based on a tiering system, where the number of STARS determines the tiering level a member has achieved.

The SSAStar Rewards Tier Structure


What is a STAR?

STARs are our new system of rewarding our members for their loyalty. The more STARs you earn in a 12 month rolling period, the higher your tier level.

How and where can I earn STARS?

STARS are collected by using your card throughout our venue. The more your card is used, the more STARs you will collect.

Does redeeming points impact on my earning STARS?

No, you can spend your points without affecting the numbers of STARS you have collected.

What is meant by a 12 month rolling period?

A 12 month rolling period is the previous 12 months. If you have any STARS from 13 or more months ago they do not count towards your tier calculation. For example if the date is January 3rd the 12 month rolling period will be the start of the previous January to the end of December.

Where can I find my ‘Active Card’ points balance?

Click this link:

Frequently Asked Questions

How is SSAStar Rewards different from the previous loyalty program?

The refreshed SSAStar Rewards Loyalty program is bigger and better at rewarding those customers who are loyal to us, by expanding benefits and standards of customer service.

If I was part of the old loyalty program do I need to re-join?

No, all existing members have been rolled over into the new SSAStar Rewards Loyalty Program. Please contact if you need to update your contact information.

What is the difference between being an SS&A Club member and being an SSAStar Rewards member?

Membership of the SS&A Club is a legal requirement for anyone who is not a genuine visitor or guest of a member, it gives you rights under the Registered Clubs Act that may include voting rights in the Board of Directors elections. SSAStar Rewards is a complimentary Loyalty Program membership that you receive when you become a member of the SS&A Club and gives us the opportunity to add value to your every visit to the Club.

Do I have to join the SS&A Club to take part in the SSAStar Rewards program?

Yes, you do need to join the SS&A Club by filling out a membership form and taking it to the membership team who upon payment of the membership will give you a Loyalty card and Welcome pack.

How much does it cost to become a member of SSAStar Rewards?

While membership into SSAStar Rewards is complimentary you do need to pay for a SS&A Club membership which costs as little as $5 per year. Please see any of our friendly staff for full details.

How do I earn points?

You earn points through using the facilities in the club. Having your loyalty card swiped at the time of purchasing food & beverage, inserting your loyalty card during game play or swiping your card daily at the swipe station will earn points.  Points can also be won during many of our promotions.

What is a point worth and how can I use them?

A point is worth one cent, once enough points have been accrued you can redeem your points in many ways including using them to purchase products in The Club.

Can I use my points on the gaming machines?

Yes, only points that are earned through gaming play can be redeemed on an EGM. This function is called ‘Xtra Credit’ and can be explained further by our friendly gaming staff. There is also video demonstrations available in the gaming lounge. Xtra credit is redeemable for up to 5000 points per 24 hour period.

How do I find out my point balance?

There are many ways to check your point balance.  You can check your point balance at the Xtra Credit Station in the Aurum lounge, by inserting your card into a gaming machine or by asking any of our friendly staff. For a more detailed look at your points balance please ask a staff member to have one of our Membership & Loyalty assistants contact you.

I have only been a member for a couple of months, do I have to wait 12 months before getting to the next Tier?

No, Loyalty Members are reviewed on the 2nd Monday of each month for promotion and anyone who has collected enough STARS anytime in the previous 12 months will be promoted to the next tier level.

I feel I should be in a higher tier even though I have not collected enough Stars?

We certainly take into consideration where a new loyalty member will end up in our tier structure and will often promote a patron for their loyalty based on their level in a similar program from another venue and from a per visit calculation.

What if I want the benefits of the higher tiers without having to wait to earn enough stars?

If you want to fast track your way to the top you can pay a purchase fee and instantly reach the tier level desired. The purchase fee will vary depending on the tier level desired.

I’ve lost my card, how do I replace it?

Lost cards can be replaced at no cost to the member at our Guest Services information desk. Once a new card is printed the previous one will be deactivated.

Terms and Conditions

“Effective Date”  Friday, 11 July 2014.

1. Introduction

1.1 SSAStar Rewards brochure contains the terms and conditions by which the program operates. The terms and conditions apply to the Loyalty Program known as, SSAStar Rewards which has been established and is managed by the SS&A Club Limited, ABN 47 001 042 397.
1.2 References to:
1.2.1 “Member” means a person who is a full member of the club (as defined in section 3 of the constitution).
1.2.2 “Membership” means your membership of The Club and consequently of SSAStar Rewards unless otherwise specified.
1.2.3 “The Club” means The Albury SS&A Club Pty. Ltd.
1.3 The SS&A may amend the terms and conditions from time to time of which a current publication can be found on our website
1.4 Subject to any applicable law which cannot be excluded, SS&A and its officers, employees, agents and contractors accept no liability for any loss, damage or injuries suffered or sustained (including but not limited to direct or consequential loss or losses arising from negligence) by any Member arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with SSAStar Rewards  and Members release and discharge The Club, its officers, employees, agents and contractors from any liability for any such loss, damage or injury. If The Club is liable to a Member in any way, then liability will be limited to:
(a) credit points awarded to their membership card;
(b) replacing or resupplying a reward;
whichever The Club considers, in its absolute discretion, is an appropriate remedy in connection with the relevant claim.

2. Membership

2.1 Please refer to the SS&A Club constitution (section 11) regarding the finer points of SS&A Club Membership.
2.2 A Member has the right to opt out of the SSAStar Rewards loyalty program at any time, by notifying the Membership and Loyalty Manager, or his/her nominated representative (as noted in section 25 of the constitution).
2.3 A Members participation in SSAStar Rewards, or a Members claim or receipt of rewards, constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions and  the Members agreement to comply with said terms.
2.4 Members of SSAStar Rewards are entitled to receive a monthly Player Activity Statement if said member has inserted their membership card into an Electronic Gaming Machine whilst actively playing the machine.

3. Membership cards

3.1 A member is entitled to one valid membership card, which is to be used only by the Member it has been issued to.
3.2 The member must not give their membership card to any other person for any purpose whatsoever. A breach of this rule is considered to be card misuse.
4. Points and Privileges
4.1 The Club shall not be liable in any way for rewards which are unavailable for redemption as a result of a technical malfunction or operator fault for which The Club is not responsible or any other reason outside The Club’s reasonable control.
4.2 The redemption of rewards is subject to availability (for example, services or goods limited in supply or stock).
4.3 The Club may, in its absolute discretion, offer rewards with limited availability to limited numbers of members.
4.4 The Club reserves the right to make any changes to these rules at any time, including changes to:
(a) Set and change the method and rates of point accrual and rewards offered to Members as part of the SSAStar Rewards Loyalty Program;
(b) The type and availability of rewards;
(c) The number of points required for the redemption of rewards;
(d) The services and products available to Members of SSAStar Rewards.

5. Earning Points

5.1 Points may be earned by Members based on the Members use of certain Club facilities and amenities as determined from time to time by The Club in its absolute discretion, and which may include gaming turnover and non-gaming spend. Information in respect of the earning of points is available at the Guest Services Information Desk.
5.2 The Club will not be liable in any way in relation to the unavailability of points or the incorrect accumulation of points as a result of a technical malfunction or operator fault for which The Club is not responsible or any other reason outside The Club’s reasonable control.
5.3 The Club may in its absolute discretion adjust the Member’s point balance and available rewards where there has been an error in the accumulation of points and/or statement as to the availability of rewards including the reasons set out in point 5.2
5.4 The Club is prohibited from providing a gaming prize exceeding $1,000 in value, or paying cash, or exchanging any loyalty points including ‘SSAStar Rewards’, for cash. (Prohibited by Gaming Machines Act 2001)

6. Redeeming Privileges

6.1 The Club shall not be liable in any way to the Member in relation to the availability or withdrawal of particular products.
6.2 The Club may offer rewards from time to time in accordance with approved activity recorded on a Member’s membership card.
6.3 The Club may extend promotional offers to Members from time to time. Promotional offers may vary from time to time and are subject to their own specific terms and conditions.
6.4 The Club may adjust the points redemption and accrual rates at any time without notice.

7. Security of Rewards Account

7.1 The security of points on your membership card is the responsibility of The SS&A Club and you. The government and its agencies take no responsibility for any losses which might occur from the account.
7.2 The Club and its employees take all due care but are not responsible for the use or misuse of a members card in the event of loss or theft of said card. It is at the discretion of management as to whether the member is compensated for any loss of reward points or other value associated with this misuse.

8. Tiering Conditions

8.1 SSAStar Rewards bases all tiering on a 12 month rolling period.
8.2 SSAStar Rewards will review all patrons for promotion on the second Monday of each month.
8.3 SSAStar Rewards tiering reserves the right to demote patrons based upon insufficient star accumulation biannually (January and June).

9. Termination of SSAStar Rewards

9.1 The Club may suspend the operation of the SSAStar Rewards loyalty program or cease to operate the  SSAStar Rewards Loyalty Program at any time without notice. Where possible, The SS&A will endeavour to provide members with three months’ notice of the pending suspension or cessation of SSAStar Rewards.
9.2 To the extent permitted by the law, The Club (including its officers, employees, agents and contractors) is not and will not be liable for any damages or other loss whatsoever incurred by the Member (including consequential loss), either directly or indirectly in connection with the suspension or termination of the SSAStar Rewards Loyalty Program.
9.3 The Club is not liable for any compensation to Members for unclaimed rewards or unredeemed points if SSAStar Rewards is suspended or terminated.

10. Termination of Member’s Participation in SSAStar Rewards

10.1 A Member has the right to withdraw from the Loyalty Program as stated in point 2.2.
10.2 The Club may, in its absolute discretion, terminate or suspend a Member’s participation in or membership of SSAStar Rewards if the club believes that the following has occurred:
10.2.1 The Member has failed to comply with the terms and conditions of the Loyalty Program.
10.2.2 The Member has failed to comply with The Club Constitution (section 21).
10.2.3 The Member’s membership of The Club has expired, been cancelled or suspended.
10.3 In the event of membership termination all points and associated rewards will automatically be cancelled (and points will not be redeemable) from the time we terminate the membership in SSAStar Rewards.
10.4 Nothing in these rules shall be interpreted as excluding or restricting any liability of The Club that is non-excludable by law and shall be read subject to the provisions of the Consumer and Competition Act 2010 and any other similar State and Territory legislation which cannot be lawfully excluded. These conditions shall otherwise have the maximum effect permitted by law.