The Studio offers the most premium spirits shaken, stirred and transformed into cocktails that will have your taste-buds dancing before the rest of your body follows soon after. Whether it’s an after work tempter, a pre-dinner palette cleanser or a post-band refresher, The Studio has a cocktail list that will be sure to take your night to another level. Also on offer – a selection of fine wine, bubbles and beers as well as tasty treats that will satisfy all hungers. Let The Studio team give you an experience to remember.


Live and Free

Whole Lotta Rosie
Saturday September 29th

Entertainment From 9:00 pm
Have you ever heard someone belt out Back in Black like Brian did in 1980 ? You will now! This show will leave you spellbound.

Mrs Crawley | Forgotten Kings | Red Empire
Friday October 5th

Entertainment From 9:00 pm
Mrs Crawley is dedicated to bringing everyone together on the dance floor with a show that has everybody up and about! With Forgotten Kings and Red Empire on the bill, this will be a fantastic night of local entertainment.

Scarecrow – the Mellencamp Show
Saturday October 6th

Entertainment From 9:00 pm
Scarecrow delivers the Mellencamp experience and even the man himself, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee John Mellencamp, agrees with this!

Stand & Deliver
Saturday October 20th

Entertainment From 9:00 pm
Often described as a Las Vegas style 80’s Show, Stand & Deliver features stunning costumes, incredible singers and a brilliant band with energy to match their talent.

Queen Forever
Friday October 26th

Entertainment From 9:00 pm
Prepare to be blown away with the magic that is Queen Forever - The Australian Queen Tribute Show.

Gradual | BTS | Alpha Loopy
Saturday October 27th

Entertainment From 9:00 pm
Three incredible acts sure to make your night out in The Studio a great one. Don't miss this lineup.